Blank Security Agreement

15. This agreement binds and benefits the parties, their successors, their legal representatives and the beneficiaries of the transfer. 1. Responsible. Diese Vereinbarung wird als Sicherheit für die Zahlung der Verkäufernotiz in Höhe von ____________ in Höhe von _______ a.P.R. und zahlbar wie darin angegeben und eine zweite Note in Höhe von _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nach vollständiger und endgültiger Begleichung des Schuldscheins sollte der Kreditgeber eine Freigabe der Sicherheitsvereinbarung erlassen, um die Pfändung von Sicherheiten als Sicherheit freizugeben. 3. Property guarantees, etc. The buyer hereby undertakes: (a) with the seller, his successors and waives that the buyer is the rightful owner of the warranty and has the right to sell, reject, transmit and grant a security interest, and that the guarantee is free and free from any security charge and interest (except that of the seller); (b) guarantees and alliances to securitize the seller, his successors and kicks against the claims of all persons, whether lawful or illegal; (c) ensures that no funding return covering any of the collateral or the resulting income is filed with a public office; and (d) agrees without delay, at the seller`s request, to participate with the seller in the execution of one or more financing extracts under the Single Code of Commerce in a form satisfactory to the seller and to cover the costs of bidding in all public functions, whenever the bid is deemed necessary or prudent by the seller. 9. Rights of the insured part after the failure. In the event of a delay in this agreement, the seller has the right, in addition to any other right under this agreement or under existing legislation, to take, after proper notification to the purchaser, any of the following measures, at the same time or at different times: (a) to recover all guarantees on behalf of the purchaser and to take control of the products in cash or not the Warranty (b) to apply the payment of guarantees, to follow any security act or procedure, to extend the payment period for all guarantees, to make adjustments and adjustments to do so, and to lend itself on behalf of the borrower; and (c) to exercise, in addition to all other rights and remedies of a seller, in the event of a delay under the Single Code of Commerce.

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