Consultancy Agreement Template South Africa

The advisory contract provides that the specifications for the work at the first use will be included in a schedule of this agreement. All subsequent work orders are automatically subject to this contract. This is an “Umbrella” sub-contract set up to allow future divestitures under the same conditions. That way, if you want more work from the same advisor, you just have to define it and send it back to that agreement. Even if you expect to never use again, you don`t have to delete anything from this account. There is little legislation in this consultation agreement. It depends on a fundamental right of sub-contract and an unlawful act. However, the structure and content of the agreement reflect the latest reflections on what is needed to protect a company from the theft of its intellectual property. 14.11.3.The service contract represents the entire agreement between You and Thrive with respect to the Services. Both you and you acknowledge that you and you did not enter into this service agreement on the basis of declarations, insurance, guarantees or other provisions, except for those expressly included in this service agreement. There is no remedy for a false statement, insurance or guarantee that is not available under this service contract. This contract is adapted to a single and fully described task.

It may be a standard product, for example. B a recruitment service, internet marketing, organising a sports course or preparing a tax return. The details would be on your site, but you will not take orders or money via your site. The consulting contract refers to an “assignment,” but you probably prefer to name your service or product. 14.6.3. The Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa and is interpreted in accordance with and in accordance with these provisions, and all disputes, acts and other related matters are settled in accordance with that right. You irrevocably accept that any disputes that may arise from or in connection with the service contract will be subject to arbitration on written request from us or you in accordance with the Southern Africa Arbitration Foundation (AFSA). Such an arbitration procedure is managed by AFSA and held in Johannesburg. Using this agreement will help you avoid a challenge by South African income services regarding the employment status of your subcontractor.

There is little law in this consultant agreement. It depends on the law of the contracts and the illegal act. We have two agreements for an individual advisor: this one and the consultant contract: individual advisors. It`s a short version of the other. We have removed some of the detailed provisions that you may not need in less formal circumstances. This contract is suitable for setting up your status as an advisor in each sector, unlike that of an employee.

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