Gentlemen Agreement In Italiano

A gentlemen`s agreement is an informal pact between two parties, usually written orally or less frequently. It is essentially based on the assumption that both parties will respect the word given to their honour because, unlike a formal contract, it cannot be defended in court. The gentlemen`s agreement in Italian is an agreement or pact between gentlemen, hence a pact of honour based on speech, trust, good faith, informal and unwritten treaties, and unwritten; In the international context between states, a simplified and informal agreement may be indicated. Since this is not a constraint, it is generally accepted that the incentive not to fail in a gentlemen`s agreement lies in the mutual convenience of respecting it (for example. B, the benefit to both parties or the limitation of damages or risks that, without the agreement, could be worse for both parties). It was a gentlemen`s agreement, for example the pact between Italy and the United Kingdom of 2 January 1937, which preceded the Easter agreements. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Other results: 487. Exactly: 2. Response time: 178 ms. . . . I allow myself that a cookie can save my data (name, email, website) for the next comment.

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