Maximum Period For Lease Agreement In India

The lease also contains specifications, instructions and conditions that the lessor has defined and accepted by both parties during the duration of their occupation in the property. I am renting an industrialist that was built for half the time by the owner when it was rented to me in 1972, and later, half of me was covered after another new agreement with an increase in rent at the time The landlord proper expired and distributed this property to his average son and his family members, who were stagnated during a court proceeding between me and them because of the non-payment of rent and the eviction application. As the first standard I was allowed to own, then the current owner asked his son to attach the exhaust fans in a common wall and put all his PVC powder to my factory portion eventually forced me to work, only a few of my machines were removed from my back wall and by his own main door, I filed an FIR, but also this was managed by him with resources Other cases were filled by the family now that the actual owners have returned a case for non-payment of the rent he used either to refuse or show the blocked premises and some, as or the other he managed to get eviction orders in the trial , which I challenged in the HC, where he also deferred a claim for compensation costs. Rs 1 lake/month, where my rent according to the law rs 2000/month and the date is for the final in the month of Dec. 11. In another case where he said that the place is necessary for his personal use by one of the wives of his family member, and the third case he filed is that this particular building, where I work, is not suitable for human velvet and that something can happen at any time if the evacuation is to be ordered by the court, so that the building can be rebuilt and that the dates of this case for the 3.10 .11 for litigation and later in the next 10 days Can I advise on what my action should be mentioned above, I should continue to fight or hand over funds also in The High and The First Instance I should withdraw my case and apply for expulsion and after submitting this application , the claim for damages they have filed will be terminated or even sorry for these long letters Greetings and request for each council this morning or tomorrow, i.e. before 3 Oct11 Som According to Section 17 of the Registration Act, an agreement between a tenant and a landlord involving the occupancy of the premises for a period of one year must be registered with the Lower Office. Registration of a rental agreement is optional if it is made for a period of less than 12 months.

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