Rental Agreement For Uk Dependent Visa

Accommodation does not need to be rented for the full 12 months. If the rent is a vacation rental that is only rented for part of the year, it doesn`t matter. It should also not be rented at the time of application, provided that you have sufficient time in the last 12 months to meet the requirements. To meet the requirement for adequate accommodation, i.e. the property is uncurred and complies with public health regulations, the applicant must submit an original registration copy of the property inspection report by a chartered survey engineer or by the local authority with the spouse`s visa application. Unlike most visas, partner visas do not have specific residency requirements or mandatory restrictions on the number of days of absence from the UK. Despite the lack of residency requirements… The controls only apply to agreements that began on February 1, 2016 or after February 1, 2016. A report on the audit of real estate by a chartered surveyor or local authority can help ensure that all aspects of the regulations are complied with.

An independent assessment will provide complete information on accommodation, as well as confirmation of the number of rooms and occupancy in the accommodation. I can confirm that the tenant has been living in the unit since September 2015 and has never missed a month`s rent. I can also confirm that I am pleased that he is living in accommodation with his fiancée XYZ as soon as she has completed the visa application process and has provided me with the corresponding official visa documents from the UK Home Office, which confirm that she is legally able to live in the UK. You should also present a lease or contract to show that the property is leased and the amount you should receive for each month. With respect to real estate rental income, the Home Office will review the actual income you received from renting real estate in the 12 months prior to the date of your application. The amount you can count on is the total income from renting real estate, and you don`t need to deduct an amount paid for the property. B, for example in maintenance, administration or mortgage. This means that even if your rental income is lower than your mortgage expenses, you can still technically meet the requirements of immigration rules.

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