Tfl Asset Protection Agreement

The treaty, which will begin in January 2020, will combine maintenance services and upgradesLondres, UK, 17 December 2019: telent Technology Services Ltd (telent), a leading UK company in the field of technology and network services, has again been selected by Transport for London (TfL) to manage a wide and complex range of communication resources, including speakers for public addresses, indoor and building ccTV cameras, customer help points and information announcements. The contract is just over seven years old and begins in January 2020. The contract combines maintenance services, system design and upgrade work for TfL`s communication systems in a variety of environments and locations, including all underground stations, depots and operating buildings, TfL office buildings, bus stops, river piers, bike rental stations and the London Transport Museum. The contract includes the management of security and access control systems, which cover more than a quarter of a million assets across The TfL site, including more than 270 metro stations and depots and more than 80 stations and bus stations. Steve Dalton, General Manager of Transport, said: “We are proud to be one of Transport for London`s suppliers and look forward to expanding the scope of our previous contract with them. With innovative approaches and our experienced team, we continue to base our market-leading approach at full value and ensure that we always deliver the best value for TfL and Londoners. With more than 30 years of experience in the transport sector and clients such as Network Rail and Highways England, Telent has had communication resources for TfL since 1996. An organization other than Network Rail intends to carry out work that will physically alter the operation, assets, design or other functions of Network Rail`s infrastructure and potentially benefit. If you have worked with Network Rail`s asset protection and optimization teams and would like to provide feedback, please complete our customer satisfaction survey.

Working close to the railway can be a dangerous environment and we are able to help you cope with the risks. Network Rail is committed to safety, which is why we want to help you deliver your works safely. However, they may also require occasional changes to Network Rail`s infrastructure, for example.B. While we accept that graffiti can be unpleasant, the cost of removal can often be high. As a public body, we must respect the principles of government public money management and prioritize our spending on critical safety issues and railway operations. For cases involving offensive graffiti, we will do everything in our power to remove it within 24 hours. Visit our community pages to find out how best to report graffiti and vandalism. Asset Protection Network Rail George Stephenson House Toft Green York YO1 6JT Watch this video to see the size and breadth of the work that supports our Asset Protection – Optimization Team Asset Protection Network Network Rail General Station Waterloo Station London SE1 8SW. In recognition of this, we are implementing a series of reforms aimed at removing barriers and facilitating cooperation with us. In case of urgent problems, such as.

B on or to the railway, call the national helpline on 03457 11 41 41 and choose option 1. T: 08457 114141 E: In order to ensure that we make the right changes, we have begun to conduct satisfaction surveys with third parties with whom we collaborate, and we are committed to communicating regularly on the results.

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