Vacation Rental Agreement North Carolina

9. PETS – Pets are not allowed in a building unless the animals are listed. The term “pets” refers only to dogs and/or cats and is limited to two (2) domestic dogs, two domestic dogs and/or cats, unless there are other restrictions by isolated homes. If pets are discovered in a house that does not allow pets, the tenant can be evacuated immediately and the deposit can be cancelled. Damage to pets is billed to the tenant. If you are considering renting an a-ettisch holiday home, it is a good idea to contact the prosecutor`s office or the consumer protection authority in that state to find out more about your rights as consumers. 7. TENANT DAMAGES AND SECURITY DEPOSITS – The tenant must not intentionally or negligently destroy, denigrate, damage or remove part of the property. According to N.C. Gene.

Stat. 42-A-32 (6) is the tenant responsible for any damage, loss or distance of property within the apartment that is under its exclusive control, unless it was ordinary wear and tear. The tenants aren`t going to have a barbecue on the decks. If the tenant violates one of these obligations, the agent may bring some or all of the remedies, including deducting the cost of those losses or damages from the deposit, and/or an action against the tenant to recover the damage. The tenant will be informed of any deductions from the deposit. The agent reimburses the tenant for the balance of the deposit within forty-five days of the end of the tenancy agreement. The agent conducts all brokerage activities relating to this agreement, regardless of the race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, disability or family status of a potential party or party to this agreement. As soon as you sign a rental agreement, you agree to comply with the owner`s terms and conditions. Owners are legally required to keep the property safe and habitable.

18. Lawyer fees and trial conduct; All disputes related to this vacation rental agreement will only be negotiated in the Court of Justice for the State of North Carolina and only in Dare or Hyde County. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of North Carolina. The dominant party in any case that is tried in the judicial system is authorized to recover reasonable legal fees. 19. CANCELLATIONS/TRANSFERS: CANCELLATION MUST BE SUBMITTED TO OCRACOKE ISLAND REALTY IN WRITING. In the event of cancellation, the payment of rents will only be refunded when the deadline is re-rented and confirmed. If the time limit is re-rented at the same price as the original tenant`s original lease, all funds paid will be reimbursed, net of the $50 cancellation fee and, if applicable, a travel insurance premium. However, if the rental price is negotiated at a lower price or rented for a shorter period, the original tenant will only be reimbursed on the basis of the lower (or lower) rent amount, since the landlords must receive the full original rent. Ocracoke Island Realty will do everything in its power to fully re-lease the property. Travel insurance is still not refundable. The balance owed for leases of two weeks or more must be fully paid before registration, even if part of the period could not be re-rented.

17. The tenant has read the terms, rules and rules of this contract and agrees to accept this lease in its entirety. This contract is a real estate transaction and constitutes an agreement between the tenant and Ocracoke Island Realty as a broker to lease the premises described in this agreement. 6. HURRICANE REFUNDS – In accordance with Senate Act 974, G.S. 42A-36, there are no refunds due to bad weather, including hurricanes. TRIP CANCELLATION AND INTERRUPTION INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE. For more information, please see the front of this lease.

By paying the money or taking over the property after receiving the agreement is proof of your acceptance of the agreement, the tenant recognizes that he/she is the property to be filled and is at least 25 years old, a family group.

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