Dominion Interconnection Agreement

Virginia Electric and Power, dba Dominion Energy Virginia in Virginia and Dominion Energy North Carolina in North Carolina, filed May 22 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in itself and Duke Energy Progress, changes to a transfer agreement between Dominion Energy and DEP. Dominion Energy proposes the installation of connection facilities to connect your solar installation to the grid. Connection costs depend on the time it takes to install and how much work it takes to complete the connection. Dominion Energy also offers a solar purchase program. To be eligible for this specific program, the customer must have installed two metres and all of the electricity generated by the solar installation is sold to Dominion Energy for 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. On the other hand, the net measure is mainly used to offset electricity consumption in the field. Although the customer can obtain credits for excess energy production, the net measure is for the most part not profit-oriented. Finally, in November 2016, the Commission accepted revisions from the FIN to reflect that if you produce more electricity than you consume, your electricity will be resold to the grid at the selling price. If you have unused credits at the end of the net measurement period (12 months), you can transfer them to the next net measurement period.

This money is credited to your Dominion Energy account that you can use on future invoices. The cost per kilowatt of this energy varies and varies depending on consumption and time. This amendment reflects a new Dominion Energy substation (called “Hathaway Switching Station”), which aims to redevelop and rename the “Hornertown – Rocky Mount 230 kV Point Interconnection Point” as “Rocky Mount – Hathaway West (Line 230). 2181) 230 kV Interconnection Point, as well as the transformation and renaming of the interconnection point “Edgecombe – Rocky Mount 230 kV” into “Rocky Mount – Hathaway East (Line No. 2058) 230 kV Interconnection Point.” A special billing meter is installed on the customer`s system to measure the two-way electricity flow. You will receive a monthly bill similar to your normal electricity bill, but it will be a lower cost and it might not even be anything if you produce more energy than you used. The energy sold to the grid is credited to the customer in his monthly bill. In April 2016, Dominion Energy began building a new substation called Hathaway Switching Station as part of Project b1794, which was awarded as part of the regional planning for the extension of PJM transmission.

The station was scheduled to be powered on May 16, 2017 or around May 16, 2017. As a result of the RTEP b1794 project, the existing Dominion Energy 230 kV single transmission line will move the Hornertown substation terminal to the new Hathaway Switching Station, and the existing Dominion Energy 230 kV single transmission line will move the Edgecombe substation terminal to the new Hathaway switch station.

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