Application For Work Sharing Agreement

Total wage before deduction of employers who are not employers with a division of labour, for hours and data, as shown in Block A. Your completed application can be emailed to one of the following email addresses, depending on the area your company is in: a user ID and password are assigned to your organization to register on the Data Gateway site. This user ID and password will be provided to you by letter at the beginning of your agreement. During the division of labour agreement, the employer may ask a worker to work on the day of the division of labour. The employee must report for work as soon as the work becomes available. Benefits (e.g. including any subsequent disbursements of benefits.B. Disability benefits) may, however, be reduced due to participation in a WS agreement if they are calculated on the basis of wages or hours of work. The objective of the monitoring is to determine the extent to which the objectives of the division of labour programme are being achieved and to ensure that the work-sharing agreement is implemented as agreed by all parties. Monitoring increases the likelihood that the agreement will be successful by providing ongoing opportunities to support the employer and plan for necessary adjustments. The usage report must be completed weekly starting with the first week of your work-sharing agreement, as it is required by Service Canada to pay your employees.

The benefits to be paid are based on the average wage of the workers, as calculated at the beginning of the agreement. If workers work irregularly, the average weekly wage is calculated by mediating the weekly working hours for the 2 years preceding the application. You might need to download Adobe Reader for free to view and print the app. Employers who wish to make changes to their work-sharing agreement must do so by re-entering the Division of Labor Agreement form (EMP5100) containing the necessary information and selecting the above change field in the form. It is essential that the employer and the workers` representative sign all these amendments. These changes can only be implemented when you obtain authorization from Service Canada. After approval, make sure that the change is displayed in your weekly usage report in the “Comments” section. In order to simplify the issuance of employment certificates, you should consider starting your work-sharing agreement at the end of a salary period. All division of labor agreements begin on Sundays. All application information is treated confidentially. A usage report must be submitted weekly during the contract period, including every week without use (d.b.

missed hours equal to 0). The amount of benefits paid for a work-sharing week is calculated by comparing the hours of work missed under the WS agreement with the hours the claimant would normally have worked. Benefits are paid as a percentage of hours spent. Service Canada confirms receipt of the request in writing.

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