Citizens Bank Personal Deposit Account Agreement

If your account is debited on the basis of NSF items, service fees or for any other reason, you agree to pay the overdraft amount immediately. You also agree to reimburse us for all costs incurred in collecting the amount of an overdraft and all overdraft and overdraft fees from you, including, but not not, reasonable attorneys` fees and litigation costs. With respect to each account with multiple owners, each owner agrees that all owners are jointly and severally liable for all overdrafts and NSF and overdraft fees. Each owner also agrees that we may debit funds from any other account held by that owner to reimburse overdrafts and service fees related to overdraft activities. If you do not notify us immediately, you may not recover the money lost in the first unauthorized transfer or in subsequent unauthorized transfers, if we can prove that we could have prevented someone from concluding subsequent transfers if you had informed us in a timely manner of the first unauthorized transfer(s). An “NSF Item” is any item presented or transmitted to pay or debit your account, or used for the payment or transfer of funds from your account if the available balance on the account is not sufficient to cover the item. To determine the balance on your account, we apply the provisions in force in the Cc Regulations of the Federal Reserve Board and our Availability of Funds Policy, which will be set out later in this Agreement. If you need the money from a deposit immediately, ask us when the money will be available. If we do not provide all funds from your deposit on the first business day following the day of your deposit, we will notify you at the time of your deposit. We will also tell you when the funds will be available.

If your deposit is not made directly to one of our employees or if we decide to take this action after leaving the site, we will send you the notification before the day following receipt of your deposit or the day after we have made the decision to delay the availability of funds. If your ability to withdraw money is delayed for any of these reasons, the money is usually made available no later than the fifth business day following the day of your deposit. .

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