Collection On Behalf Agreement

The client has the right to withdraw accounts as soon as they have been transferred by the Agency, but when recovery is made under these accounts, it is declared to the AGENCY and the agency fees are paid. The AGENCY carries out collection activities on behalf of the client at all times in accordance with all laws and legal regulations and keeps the CLIENT free from any claim related to illegal collection activities. The CLIENT is regularly corrected by the INSTITUTE for the condition of all collections, which requires at least all reports relating to the collection activity. The AGENCY receives a tax from the Enter agency fee as a percentage of all those collected on behalf of the client. The AGENCY may deduct its fee from the amounts collected; However, all amounts due to the client are accounted for in a separate fiduciary account. In the event that a debtor returns goods, the value for the purposes of the contract is the net selling price received for the same value or, if the customer agrees, 1/2 of its wholesale value. Enter the name of the collection office called AGENCY and enter the name of the client designated as a client: the agency is responsible for all expenses related to its collection efforts, with the exception of court fees and attorneys` fees, with the exception of court fees and attorney`s fees, if the court fees are approved and if the court and attorney`s fees are approved. Any costs of appeal or legal action must be authorized in writing before they are issued. The CLIENT must, from time to time, submit to the AGENCY collection debts. The CLIENT declares that all accounts that he submits to the AGENCY are legally due and due.

The client must provide the AGENCY, upon request, with source documentation for all accounts due and verification of the balance due. . The AGENCY declares that it is duly authorized, bound, endowed with competent and trained collectors` staff (if necessary) and that it can have reasonable and legitimate effects on the recovery of the customer`s debts. The CLIENT has the right to carry out, either by himself or by representatives, accountants and appointed accountants, audits of the accounts and records of the AGENCY in order to verify the accounts. ____________________________________________________. . . .

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