Common Interest Privilege Agreement Practical Law

The usual definition of lawyers` privilege is as follows: as stated at the beginning, confidentiality is the third element necessary for the existence of solicitors` privilege. The SEC moved to force the hand. The fact that trial privilege ends with the conclusion of litigation can also be an offensive instrument against the government. It has made it possible, for example, to produce information on disputes under freedom of information legislation. An essential difference between the lawyer`s client privilege and the trial privilege is that the former is permanent, while the latter ends with litigation. In other words, the information your customer has as a result of a previous act can be found in subsequent disputes. It shall be made available to parties having a common interest in an expenditure. It resulted from the desire and need for the co-accused to conduct litigation in order to exchange information on whether these co-accused were represented by the same lawyer or whether they were represented separately. .

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