Decline Agreement Vertaling

In the German-Dutch dictionary you will find other translations. A sales contract is nothing more than a sales contract. It is also the Dutch translation of the SPA. It is a legally binding legal document. You can`t go out like that. Typically, a SPA involves large agreements, such as a business purchase or a long-term product purchase. “Agreement” means the agreement between Customer and DeepL regarding the subscription and use of DeepL`s products in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. DeepL does not accept copyright on translations made by the customer using the products. In the event that the translations made by the client using the products are considered to be protected by copyright law in favour of DeepL, DeepL grants the client, when preparing such translations, all reexcusable, transferable, sub-licensable, indefinite rights worldwide, and for all existing or future uses, including, but not limited to, the right to modify the translations and produce derivative works. The customer uses a fraudulent, lost, stolen or blocked/ unauthorized means of payment; For the free trial periods described in paragraph 6, the legal liability applies.

“Third Party Applications” means any applications, components, libraries, plugins or other software provided by third parties that allow the Customer to use or access the Products, for example.B. Translation plugins for third-party applications for which the customer must use their own API login information. If the parties agree on a fixed term, the term is automatically extended by the agreed fixed term, unless the contract is terminated. Result: 70. Exactly: 70. Verstreken tijd: 134 ms. DeepL has factual evidence of automated use of the DeepL Pro Translator, in accordance with point 8.2.1, DeepL is not responsible for ensuring the accessibility of from the customer`s IP area; “Individual Seat License” means a license to use a Product by an individual. The same person may use the corresponding access data on multiple devices that meet the requirements of the Service Specification.

The use of an individual seat license is only allowed and possible on one device at the same time. If the customer wishes to use the respective product by more than one person, he must purchase a team license, a multi-user license or an IP access. The e-mail address used for registration does not exist or is obviously not valid; Une lettre d`intention contient les intentions de l`acheteur et du vendeur. Dans le cadre d`une enquête de diligence raisonnable, l`acheteur examinera les aspects financiers et juridiques de l`entreprise à acheter. De cette façon, l`acheteur peut être sûr que les chiffres fournis sont corrects et il ne sera pas confronté à des surprises une fois l`achat conclu. Requirements and restrictions for the translation of documents: The Customer may grant internal users access to the Products at its sole discretion. However, the customer is fully responsible for the use of the products by internal users and ensures that internal users are aware of and comply with all restrictions imposed by this agreement for the use of the products. Customer shall immediately notify DeepL of any alleged or suspected breach of this Agreement and cooperate with DeepL in investigating such breaches and all measures taken by DeepL to enforce this Agreement. If the client uses IP access, the client has the following obligations Depending on the DeepL package you are subscribed to, you can translate a different number of documents per month. You can find an overview here: The customer is not allowed to access the Translator DeepL Pro through automated procedures that may cause an increase in the number of requests (beyond the usual human behavior) addressed to the Translator DeepL Pro.

Monthly quotas cannot be carried over to subsequent months. The customer has contested or requested the return of a payment without communicating to DeepL a valid reason for the dispute or request for restitution. . . .

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