Wsdot Agreements Manual

For instructions on drafting and modifying agreements, refer to the Agreements manual. WSDOT and the consultants can be found in the Agreement Review Transmission System (ART) User Manual (pdf 980 kb) to support the processing of agreements. Contact UsUseful, Railroads and Agreement (Interim) Manager Pete Townsend 360-705-7465townsep@wsdot.wa.govAccords Jeanne Doolin Highway Access and Agreements Specialist 360-705-7458doolinj@wsdot.wa.govRailroad and Technical Support Connie Raezer Railroad Liaison and Agreements WSDOT manuals and publications are continually updated and revised regularly. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that they have the latest versions, regardless of the manual format or means of transmission. The publications on this page are the latest versions and can be downloaded and printed for free. This guide provides guidance on authorizing, selecting, and using consultants for personal services and services for personal and architectural and engineering (A&E) services and/or supplements. Individual chapter contractors, consultants, local agencies, and the general public can obtain printed copies of WSDOT`s most requested manuals and publications from the Washington State Department of Printing. Learn more about ordering printed manuals. All consulting contracts concluded from 12.1.14 on or after 12.14 on or after 12.14 on or after 12.1.14 on or after 12.14 on or after 12.14 on or.


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